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WAND Taxonomies

PoolParty has partnered with WAND, Inc. to make kickstarting semantic AI processes easier than ever. Take advantage of WAND’s ready-to-use taxonomies.

Six Reasons to Start your Taxonomy Project with this Bundle


Reduce your innovation risk

This bundle of proven technology and ready-to-use taxonomies minimizes the risk of the project falling short of expectations.

Flexible in scope and secure in quality

WAND taxonomies have matured over the years and are widely used. With PoolParty, the scope and data quality can be adapted to specific application scenarios using sophisticated algorithms.

Optimize the total cost of the project

Reducing costs at one end does not always mean optimizing the total cost. PoolParty and WAND are an unbeatable combination of efficient enterprise software, high-quality data, and decades of experience working with semantic AI to deliver the best possible cost and value across your entire value chain.

Go live within a predictable timeframe

With WAND taxonomies, you start at a level from which custom models can be developed quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the bootstrapping phase.

Foundation for your enterprise knowledge graph

The combination of PoolParty and WAND allows you to build an enterprise-wide graph infrastructure at the pace that best fits your business. Let the software and the graph grow with your business.


A good working basis for taxonomists and professionals

Why reinvent the wheel? WAND forms a good basis for business taxonomies, but an efficient and standards-based tool is needed to extend them with specific elements in a targeted way.

Get started

Not sure which taxonomy you need for your project? You are only three steps away from your matching taxonomy.‚Äč

Search and find!

There are several ways to search for WAND’s ready-to-use taxonomies. You can browse the bundles that WAND offers for specific industries, or you can explore the WAND catalog directly. Start here on this page!

Evaluate with us!

Have you discovered taxonomies that are of interest to you? Take a closer look together with your Customer Success Team. A first short application test can be done together with us in our test environment, for an in-depth evaluation you may agree on a PoC with us.

Buy and start!

As a PoolParty customer, you can get a perpetual license for a limited number of WAND taxonomies at a special price. Your Customer Success Team will arrange this.

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The WAND Aerospace Taxonomy includes terms related to Aerospace Engineering Disciplines, Materials, Vehicles, Design, Documentation, Maintenance, Research and Development, Standards, DoD Aerospace Vehicle Designation, FAA Regulations, and Regulatory Agencies.

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Drug Development

The WAND Drug Development Taxonomy includes terms related to Development, Discovery, Drug Application Types, Drug Approval, Drug Development Agreements, Manufacturing Processes, Materials, Products, Research Funding Sources, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Electric Utilities

The WAND Electric Utilities Taxonomy includes terms related to Demand Side Management, Electric Transmission and Distribution, Electricity Generation, Electric Utility Infrastructure, Equipment, Metrics, Forms, Maintenance, Electric Associations and Organizations, and Electric Utilities Standards and Guidelines.

More details


The WAND Hospitality Taxonomy includes terms related to Travel, Lodging, Dining, Entertainment, Guests, Reservations, Customer Loyalty Programs, Metrics, Travel Regulations and Policies, Protocols and Procedure..

More details

Information Technology

The WAND Information Technology Taxonomy includes terms related to Commercial Software Packages, Development Concepts, IT Administration, IT Certifications, and Networks and Connectivity.

More details

Legal Services

The WAND legal Taxonomy includes terms related to Courts, Litigation, Contracts, and Business Law Content.

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The WAND Manufacturing Taxonomy includes terms related to Design, Planning and Scheduling, Processes, Production, Safety, Guidelines and Regulations, Manufacturing Standards, training, Documents and Records, and Manufacturing Associations.

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Oil and Gas

The WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy includes terms related to Crude Oils, Downstream Sector, Environmental and safety, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Forms, Land and Rights Acquisition, Midstream Sector, Oil and Gas Equipment and Supplies, Oil and Gas Regulating Authorities, Organizations, Standards and Regulations, and Upstream Sector.

More details


The WAND Shipbuilding Taxonomy includes terms related to Vessels, Structure, Architecture, Materials, Buoyancy and Stability, Maintenance, Equipment, Documentation, Metrics, Structure, Systems, Production, Testing and Trials, Regulatory Agencies, and more.

More details

US Armed Forces

The WAND United States Armed Forces Taxonomy includes terms related to All branches of the United States Armed Forces, Personal Equipment, Functional Areas, Leadership, National Guard Units, Ranks, Training and Education, Vehicles and Equipment, Weapons, and Missions.

More details


The WAND Water Utilities Taxonomy includes terms related to Conservation, Customer Type, Installation, Non-Potable Water, Operations and Maintenance, Projects, Treatment Type, Water Infrastructure, Water Supply and Resource, Water Systems Extensions, and more.

More details


The WAND Automotive Manufacturing Taxonomy includes terms related to Vehicle Classifications, Design, Components, Assembly, Features, Performance, and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Association.

More details


The WAND Engineering Taxonomy includes terms related to Design Processes, Documents, Drawing, Fields, Materials, Standards and Codes, and Organizations.

More details

Food and Beverage

The WAND Food and Beverage Manufacturing Taxonomy includes terms related to Food Labeling, Production, Food Products, Hazards, Recalls, Associations, Food Manufacturing Laws, Guidance and Regulations, Regulatory Agencies, and Standards.

More details

Health Care

The WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy includes terms related to Medical Services, Admission and Discharge, Medical Records, Healthcare Systems Management, Administration, Facilities Management, Medical Facility Oversight, Healthcare Laws, Forms and Charts, and Policies and Procedures.

More details


The WAND Insurance Taxonomy includes terms related to Common Policy Provisions, Insurance Business Terminology, Insurance Industry Investment Terminology, Insurance Regulation Terminology, Risk Management Terminology, and Types of Insurance.

More details

Lumber and Forestry

The WAND Lumber Manufacturing and Forestry Management Taxonomy includes terms related to Lumber Manufacturing Facilities, Lumber, Wood Characteristics, Manufacturing, Forest Management, Distribution, Damage, Storage, Raw Materials, OSHA Lumber and Building Material Dealer Industry Standards, Metrics, Laws and Regulations, Certification Programs and Associations and Organizations.

More details


The WAND Mining Taxonomy includes terms related to Environmental, Exploration, Extraction, Extractive Metallurgy, Land and Rights Acquisition, Mine Locations, Minerals and Ores, Mining End Products, Mining Equipment, Mining Geology, Mining Logistics, and Mining Safety.

More details

Professional Services

The WAND Management Taxonomy includes terms related to Management Documents and Reports, Management Functions, Management Levels, and Organizational Structures.

More details


The WAND Telecommunications Taxonomy includes terms related to Communications Service Provider, Customer Service, Hardware, Infrastructure, Network Design, Networks, Regulations, Specifications and Forms, Services, and Standards.

More details


The WAND Wholesale Taxonomy includes terms related to Types of Wholesalers, Inventory Management, Wholesale Trade Sectors, Fulfillment, Documents, Value Added Services, Metrics, Policies and Procedures, Regulations, Trade Groups, and more.

More details

Building and Construction

The WAND Building and Construction Taxonomy includes terms related to Agreements, Equipment and Supplies, Compliance, Design, Financing, Project Type, Safety, Land Assembly, Project Planning, Project Execution, and Project Completion.

More details


The WAND Finance and Investment Taxonomy includes terms related to Analysis Benchmarks, Tools and Techniques, Asset Types, Financial Crimes, Financial Intermediaries, Markets and Exchanges, Regulations, and Regulating Bodies.

More details

Gas Utilities

The WAND Gas Utilities Taxonomy includes terms related to FERC Natural Gas Markets, Forms and Applications, Maintenance and Repairs, Natural Gas Agreements and Contracts, Natural Gas Associations and Organizations, Natural Gas Pipeline Development, Natural Gas Utilities Infrastructure, and Natural Gas Utility Metrics.

More details

Higher Education

The WAND Higher Education Taxonomy includes terms related to Academics, Administration, Admissions, Athletic Department, Campus Safety, Campus Transportation, Facilities Maintenance, Faculty Relations, Information Technology, Research Administration, Student Services, and University Facilities.

More details

K-12 Education

The WAND K-12 Education Taxonomy includes terms related to Academics, Activities and Athletics, Administration, Board of Education, Facilities, Fiscal Management, Personnel, Student Support Services, and Support Services.

More details

Local Government

The WAND Local Government Taxonomy includes terms related to Administrative, Culture and Recreation, Economic Development, Elections, Facilities, Judicial, Municipal Personnel, Public Safety, Public Welfare, Public Works, Revenues and Financing, and Transportation.

More details


The WAND Non-Profit Taxonomy includes terms related to Board of Directors, Budgeting and Financial Management, Bylaws and Policies, Compliance, Donations, Fundraising, Grants, Members Programs, Public Relations, and Volunteers..

More details

Real Estate

The WAND Real Estate Taxonomy includes terms related to Property Type, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Financing, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Management, Real Estate Ratios and Analysis Tools, and Real Estate Segments.

More details


The WAND Utilities Taxonomy includes terms related to Associations and Organizations, Forms, Policies, Procedures, Regulatory Agencies, Safety and Security, Statutes and Regulations, Utilities Agreements and Contracts, Utility Billing, Utility Infrastructure, Utility Providers, and Utility Services.

More details


The WAND Wastewater Utilities Taxonomy includes terms related to Wastewater Capital Projects, Collection, Industrial Pretreatment, Installation, Program, Solid Waste, and Treatment.

More details

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Build a business taxonomy with ease

There are several ways to kickoff a taxonomy project. You can start with a card sort or buy and modify, you can go with extracting entities from your core documents or you can build on structures and vocabularies you are already using. As diverse as the options are, so are the possibilities that PoolParty Taxonomy Management offers.