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How Sensing Clues preserve Ecosystems and Protect Wildlife in Nature Parks

Customer Success Story

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps Sensing Clues to Preserve Ecosystems and
Protect Wildlife in Nature Parks

Wildlife species are being killed for personal gain, and nature habitats are being destroyed by illegal logging, charcoal burning, cattle grazing, and other exploits of nature. To help preserve ecosystems and protect wildlife in nature parks, Sensing Clues is using best-of-breed technologies to boost the analytical capabilities of Wildlife Protection Organisations

Download this customer success story to learn more about how PoolParty Semantic Suite has proved to be a powerful, efficient and robust way to semantically enrich data and enhance search and analytics. Read how Sensing Clues brings these capabilities within reach of Wildlife Protection Organisations helping them to gain accurate and timely situational understanding of what is happening in the park for better decision-making.

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