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Semantic Web Trainings


The best technology can’t deliver results,
when stakeholders aren`t equipped to work with it.
PoolParty is a highly intuitive tool to handle
complex challenges in information management.
Depending on the user role, training time remains as short as only 4 hours.

Back in 2004, we founded the ‘Semantic Web School’ – an international training institution that has educated some of the next generation Semantic Web experts. Since then we have evolved into the ‘Semantic Web Company’ and have continuously improved our training methods, not only for technologists but also for end-users and decision makers, guaranteeing an effective and sustainable knowledge transfer.

Helmut Nagy


This is what you can expect from us

  • PRACTICE-ORIENTED TRAININGS: Profound basic knowledge and instant results. We use various live demos of concrete applications to explain the value of our products and thereby we apply some of your data samples.
  • COMPLETE TRAINING-MATERIAL: We provide you with comprehensive E-Learning material that will guide you step-by-step through your required tasks.
  •  CONTINOUS KNOWLEDGE ENHANCEMENT: PoolParty and semantic technologies are evolving fast. To ensure that our users stay on the ball, we provide regular web-based webinars and user group meetings.
  • REMOTE OR ONSITE: We have customers worldwide and we can deliver training in virtual classrooms or at your office.

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