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Fully SKOS and SKOS-XL compliant

Benefit from standards-based knowledge modelling. Avoid vendor lock-in.

Start with a Simple Knowledge Organization System

  • SKOS compliant: PoolParty fully supports W3C’s Semantic Web Standards like SKOS, RDF, and SPARQL
  • SKOS-XL: Extend the expressiveness of your SKOS taxonomy. Make use of PoolParty’s user-friendly SKOS-XL editor
  • Visualization: PoolParty provides several tools to visualize a SKOS taxonomy
  • Grow with us: SKOS is simple but efficient. If you need more expressiveness, extend your schema!
Browse a SKOS taxonomy

SKOS validation

  • PoolParty SKOS Quality Checker: allows you to perform automated quality checks on controlled vocabularies
  • Avoid inconsistencies: qSKOS is able to make checks on over 20 quality issues
  • Quality Management in PoolParty: qSKOS is integrated in PoolParty (Learn more)
  • W3C recommendationqSKOS is recommended by W3C. Deliver SKOS. 100%!
Create better SKOS vocabularies

SKOS and PoolParty

See the details: PoolParty uses SKOS in its core. It’s not just exporting SKOS. Its built-in validator makes sure that you deliver SKOS. 100%.

Learn more about PoolParty's SKOS compatibility