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Developing an RDF4J Adapter for Oracle Spatial and Graph

Recorded Webinar

We are part of the new Analytics and Data TechCast Series organized by the Oracle BIWA User Community. In this video, Timea Turdean, Software Engineer at Semantic Web Company will talk about Developing an RDF4J Adapter for Oracle Spatial and Graph.

Talk Abstract: Oracle Database has different graph features: property and RDF graphs. And the RDF graph feature can be used either with JENA or with RDF4J. In this TechCast we will introduce the RDF4J Oracle Adapter and focus on the SPARQL query language API used in RDF4J.

We will present some pitfalls encountered while developing the adapter. And we will end with a use case in which the SPARQL RDF4J on Oracle Database is used as part of the GraphSearch PoolParty Semantic Suite component.


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