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QA Systems by Andreas Blumauer

Expert's Nuggets on Semantic AI
Watch Andreas Blumauer, CEO of Semantic Web Company, author of The Knowledge Graph Cookbook and keynote speaker at KMWorld Connect 2020 in this video on QA Systems.

Organizations are investing in automated solutions for organizing, accessing and analyzing their data. The ultimate goal is to give non-expert users fast access to enterprise data and provide them with answers to their questions. This is achieved by constructing a natural language interface over enterprise data integrating unstructured, semi-structured and structured data that is able to quickly provide concise and comprehensible answers to user queries.

Andreas Blumauer shares a novel solution for the development of question-answering systems that is offered jointly by PoolParty and QAnswer. He describes the methodology for building, deploying and using natural language interfaces based on domain-specific natural language processing engines that are based on enterprise knowledge graphs. The focus is on domain-specific use cases that demonstrate how this solution creates added value for an enterprise.

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