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Tailored User Profiles for Navigable Careers: Ontologies for Knowledge Management in the JobTeaser Suite of Psychometric Tools

Customer Success Story

If finding a job were as easy as swiping right for a date on Tinder, people would have a better time hunting for jobs and submitting applications. Enter JobTeaser, the “Tinder of the career world.”

Our customer

Operating primarily out of France and Europe, JobTeaser was founded in 2008 with the goal to give career guidance and recruiting opportunities to young people. Since 2018, JobTeaser’s outreach has expanded to include a rich ecosystem of psychometric tools that focus on preparing students who are currently enrolled/recently graduated from university with comprehensive overviews of their career strengths.

The challenge

In order to match users to the most accurate profiles, the JobTeaser platform assesses many aspects ranging from psychology, salary expectations, skill profiles, job definitions, etc. With such a diverse baseline, JobTeaser requires a sophisticated semantic approach that integrates multiple facets of data, defines concepts, and makes ontological relations. The PoolParty Thesaurus Server is their software solution of choice.

The JobTeaser Suite of Tools is built on a diverse framework of data including their internal taxonomies as well as ESCO, the official multilingual taxonomy of common skills, qualifications, and occupations in Europe. Applicant profiles are matched to job roles which are defined as semantic concepts, allowing the system to take advantage of synonyms and bundled descriptions. This success story shows how they are able to manage these taxonomies and recommend jobs to users. 

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