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Data goes Agile with a Semantic Data Fabric and PoolParty Semantic Suite

Expert's Nuggets on Semantic AI
The Semantic Data Fabric is a new solution to data silos that combines the best-of-breed technologies, data catalogs and knowledge graphs based on Semantic AI. Its ultimate goal is to unify unstructured, semi-structured and structured data to make all that available as if it were one database. The Semantic Data Fabric combines the respective advantages of data lakes, data warehouses, and cloud-native data catalogs and complements them with the advanced linking methods and text mining facilities that Semantic Graph Technologies bring with them.Watch this presentation from Florian Bauer, Director of Vertical Solutions at Semantic Web Company, and find out how and PoolParty, two leading metadata management platforms, have teamed up to provide a powerful Semantic Data Fabric solution. It allows businesses that leverage both products to benefit from a highly scalable, standards-based, and user-friendly business solution that meets the requirements of enterprise data management and metadata management.

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