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Creating a Global Climate Action Knowledge Graph to Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Speed Progress on the Climate Agenda

White paper
This positioning paper serves as an introduction to the often overlooked topic of how advanced data and information management practices can serve as a springboard to faster, more widespread, and more efficient climate action. It provides background on these issues for policymakers, researchers, decision-makers, media and others interested in advancing climate change-related policies.

The paper focuses on current challenges and readily available solutions for data and information management to further climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and sustainable development agendas. It explains how a key tool – knowledge graphs – can better connect these communities and agendas to gain more traction in practice. It outlines how this single tool also sets the stage for the use of artificial intelligence methodologies that hold greater promise for innovation and progress. The paper provides real-world examples of the use of knowledge graphs in practice.

The positioning paper proposes and argues for the development of a global Climate Action Knowledge Graph to address current barriers to the spread of needed knowledge and action. This new entity would create a comprehensive, contextualized knowledge base for the climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and broader climate action agendas in Europe initially, and would serve as an example of good knowledge management practice for these communities globally.

The creation of a global Climate Action Knowledge Graph would enable:


  • the rapid discovery of new insights and knowledge.
  • the efficient exploration of important connections between domains (e.g. water,
    energy and agriculture) and/or stakeholders (e.g. research and industry).
  • the provision of new approaches to learning.
  • a foundation to set the stage to leverage powerful AI applications available now and
    on the technological horizon.
  • a searchable, graph-based climate action knowledge management system that is
    easy to use, and that adds value by establishing and maintaining better links
    between science, policy, and climate action.

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