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PoolParty PowerTagging

Smarter Content Workflows through Consistent Tagging.
Enrich your Content. Enhance your Search.

PowerTagging for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

  • Automatic and semi-automatic concept tagging: Define which parts of your SharePoint Site Collections should be tagged automatically
  • Term Store synchronization: Benefit from a sophisticated taxonomy tool while not loosing the capabilities of SharePoint’s Term Store
  • Semantic search: Extend the capabilities of your SharePoint search by adding additional search refiners, auto-complete, context boxes and query expansion
  • Centralised metadata management: Edit all your taxonomies in one place. Propagate any changes and additions of term labels to your repositories, not restricted to SharePoint only
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PowerTagging for Drupal

  • Automatic concept tagging: Annotate your Drupal content and attachments with concepts from your thesaurus and add additional tags if you like
  • Consistent metadata: Benefit from consistent tagging by the provision of auto-completion based on controlled vocabularies
  • Enhanced search: Extend Drupal’s search capabilities by search facets, precise similarity search, automatic query expansion, sentiment analysis, and trend diagrams
  • Bulk-tagging: Existing Drupal system and its whole content base can be tagged automatically at once via bulk-tagging
  • Multilinguality: Multilingual thesauri and therefore multilingual tagging is supported.
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PowerTagging for Confluence

  • Consistent concept tagging: Your collaborative workflows benefit from a more consistent tagging based on controlled vocabularies
  • Tag recommendation: Your content in Confluence will be tagged automatically
  • Semantic search: Confluence’s search engine benefits from semantic enrichment of your content
  • Content recommendation: Link your content automatically across different Confluence spaces. Provide additional context to your knowledge bases
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PowerTagging for Jive, Alfresco, Umbraco, ... your CMS

  • Integration partners: Benefit from our large partner network, capable of customizing your PoolParty PowerTagging application
  • Additional PowerTagging modules: Learn more about integrations in place with Jive, Alfresco, Umbraco, and others
  • Beyond CMS: PowerTagging is a principle method to enrich any kind of content. Be aware of other options such as integrations with CRM, web shops, MAM, etc.
  • Do it yourself: PoolParty meets all the conditions necessary to integrate semantics into an Enterprise Information System with relatively low costs
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