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PoolParty PowerTagging

Improve Your SharePoint Search

Searching, validating and processing information directly impacts the quality and efficiency of work and decision-making. With PoolParty PowerTagging, finding information in Content Management Systems like SharePoint is much easier.

Supervised automated tagging in SharePoint using PoolParty PowerTagging

PowerTagging’s user interface on Office 365


SharePoint helps users to find information by using mentions or sharing pages. While this feature helps companies handle the complexity of information, precise searches still takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

“PowerTagging is intuitive, unobtrusive and user-friendly.”

PoolParty PowerTagging substantially improves search results for SharePoint users. Only a few minutes after setup, the software is able to seamlessly label SharePoint documents, recommend documents with related content and enrich SharePoint documents with relevant content from the World Wide Web. 

How does PoolParty PowerTagging work?

PoolParty is the best and most versatile data enrichment and analysis software on the market. The platform is transforming the way in which companies collect, analyze, reuse and share data. Its PowerTagging feature combines semantic search and artificial intelligence technologies to understand the meaning of documents and classify them in intelligent ways. Based on this classification, relationships between documents and also with information on the World Wide Web are established and can be presented to the user.