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Today, WAND has announced that nine leading information management vendors have become founding members of the new ‘WAND Within’ Taxonomy Partnership Program. We are happy to announce that PoolParty is one of the nine vendors which will from now on be able to offer high-quality WAND taxonomies together with their software solutions to their clients.

PoolParty technologies combined with WAND taxonomies jump-start nearly any kind of IT project which aims to make use of semantic technologies. Usually much of the work involved in a thesaurus/taxonomy project concentrates on the creation of more or less foundation taxonomies (sometimes referred to as ‘upper ontologies’). At this point of a thesaurus project our clients benefit from the high expertise WAND has amassed in the field of taxonomy management. Literally spoken, they can build their information management on the shoulders of giants and don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

WAND Taxonomies work perfectly as a fundamental semantic layer in many industries such as finance and investment, IT, construction and building, medical equipment, automotive or chemicals etc. In addition to this, WAND also provides high-quality taxonomies for several cross sectional topics like skills, sentiments or marketing in general.

Get in contact with us to see how you can benefit from WAND taxonomies within your PoolParty based solution.