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PoolParty API

Semantics as a Service: Integrate taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs into your enterprise architecture. Extract knowledge from texts on-the-fly. On-premise or cloud, scalable, secure and in use worldwide.

PoolParty Thesaurus and Graph API

  • JSON RESTful: semantic technologies ready to be integrated based on popular web technologies.
  • CRUD: create, read, update, and delete – your full-blown API for all kinds of interactions with your taxonomy and knowledge graph.
  • Secure: rely on an API, which is fully integrated into PoolParty’s security layer based on Spring.
  • SPARQL endpoint: in addition to the standard API, make use of PoolParty’s SPARQL endpoint to execute more complex queries.

PoolParty Extraction API

  • JSON RESTful: sophisticated text mining services accessible via common web technologies.
  • Comprehensive web services: PoolParty APIs provides most probably all semantic services you would expect to upgrade your application.
  • Easy to learn: benefit from a short familiarization time – PoolParty Extractor API can be learned within less than a day.
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