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PoolParty 7.0 Leverages the Power of Knowledge Graphs


PoolParty now supports the management of semantic knowledge graphs and linked data governance along the entire data lifecycle.

Knowledge graphs and graph-based data in general are becoming increasingly important for addressing various data management challenges in industries such as financial services, life sciences, healthcare or energy.

At the core of this challenge is the comprehensive management of graph-based data, ranging from taxonomy to ontology management to the administration of comprehensive data graphs along with a defined governance framework. Various data sources are integrated and linked (semi) automatically using NLP and machine learning algorithms. Tools for securing high data quality and consistency are an integral part of such a platform.

PoolParty 7.0 can now handle a full range of enterprise data management tasks. Based on agile data integration, machine learning and text mining, or ontology-based data analysis, applications are developed that allow knowledge workers, marketers, analysts or researchers a comprehensive and in-depth view of previously unlinked data assets.

At the heart of the new release is the PoolParty GraphEditor, which complements the Taxonomy, Thesaurus, and Ontology Manager components that have been around for some time. All in all, data engineers and subject matter experts can now administrate and analyze enterprise-wide and heterogeneous data stocks with comfortable means, or link them with the help of artificial intelligence.


The PoolParty GraphEditor is the most advanced editor to build and maintain knowledge graphs on the market and allows for a 360 view of your combined data, helping departments or users access data filtered based on their interested/specific field. Make real-time changes on large volumes of data and knowledge graphs – without the need for coding.

Unified Views

PoolParty Unified Views allows you to visualize how data moves through your entire Data Life Cycle. With the release of PoolParty 7.0, UnifiedViews includes a long list of plug-ins to help with all your integrations, including: a R2RML Schema Mapper, Thomson Reuters Entity Extractor and an Open NLP Entity Extractor. We have also replaced relational databases with an RDF database in order to reduce complex dependencies.

NLP Entity Extraction

The latest version of the NLP Entity Extractor helps users to identify free terms that are not found in the Thesauri. It uses Entity Recognition to distinguish free terms as either people, location or organizations.

With PoolParty GraphEditor you can ...

Create ontology-driven custom editors to work with graph data.

Use multiple graphs to create integrated views on graph data.

Import and export of graphs.

Benefit from assisted search over graph data.

Benefit from assisted bulk editing of graphs.

Administrate graphs based on user-friendly inline editing.

Generate SPARQL queries based on a digital assistant.

More highlights of PoolParty 7.0

Notification system

Extended user and role management

Machine learning based entity linker

Extended graph database support incl. enterprise-scale clustering

Improved security

UI enhancements

Improved ontology management

Release Webinars & Notes

Leveraging Knowledge Graphs in your Enterprise Knowledge Management System

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps enterprises break down data silos by assisting in the building and managing of knowledge graphs as a basis for various AI applications.

Presented by: Andreas Blumauer, Semantic Web Company CEO

Duration: 1 hour

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how to create a Knowledge Graph using PoolParty Semantic Suite and how PoolParty Semantic Suite works across the whole Linked Data Life Cycle.

Watch it here!