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PoolParty 6.0 Has Landed!

The Most Complete Semantic Middleware on the Global Market

PoolParty as enterprise software platform means: a rich set of functionalities at your fingertips!
Key Improvements await you: more agile data integration, high-precision text mining, configurable semantic search and graph-based analytics dashboards.

PoolParty’s new features as of May 2017 also include a broad range of extensions and improvements in the areas of linked data, knowledge engineering and text mining.

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Visualization at its Finest

Visualization in PoolParty is fast, pretty and easy: browse your taxonomies and ontologies based on the great visualizations we improved for this release!


Benefit From New Functions and Features


Semantic Middleware Configurator

Use PoolParty as the control center for your linked data management! Configure and connect to available indexing engines and graph databases. Set up available linked data sources and visualization tools in one place.

Shadow Concept Extraction

Benefit from deep semantic analytics of your content: PoolParty now even extracts implicit knowledge from your texts.

Handling of Large Reference Text Corpora

Analyze thousands of documents and extend your knowledge model semi-automatically. Let machines learn from text and benefit from high-quality taxonomies.


Ontology-driven Search With GraphSearch Server

Your knowledge models as key: configure semantic search and graph-based analytics dashboards over integrated data sets based on them.


Wordsense Induction

Ambiguity controlled: get help from PoolParty to identify potentially ambiguous terms.


New Linked Data Sources

Link your data to renowned sources like Getty Vocabularies or PermID (Thomson Reuters) and extend your knowledge graph dynamically. Create seed taxonomies from DBpedia, with added support for Russian and Dutch languages.

Release Webinars & Notes

Climbing the Semantic Ladder

A fully functional semantic middleware infrastructure is key for your enterprise in complex knowledge fields, handling large amounts of data. Learn from Andreas Blumauer (CEO), how PoolParty’s extended semantic technology supports you.

When: 1st of June 2017
Duration: 1 hour

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PoolParty 6.0 Technical Deep-Dive – Release Webinar for Information Architects & Developers

Helmut Nagy (COO) shares technical background information and opens the floor for your questions.

When: 31st of May 2017
Duration: 1 hour

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