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Introducing PoolParty 5.5

The Combination of Machine Learning and Human Intelligence

PoolParty Semantic Suite 5.5 has been released in August 2016. Further integrations like with Elasticsearch or Stardog strengthen PoolParty’s position as the leading semantic middleware at the cognitive computing market. Knowledge engineers and users benefit from an even more sophisticated combination of semantic computing and machine learning. The new features support context aware knowledge modelling and include an extended data quality management module.

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Enhanced User Experience

The navigation menu has been streamlined. A smart assistant for data quality management is now at your disposal. Just one click away: Several PoolParty Apps that ease your work.


Benefiting from new functions and features


Integration with Elasticsearch

PoolParty is now fully integrated with Elasticsearch. Customers can now choose to use either Solr or Elasticsearch as the basis for PoolParty Extractor and PoolParty GraphSearch. This powerful technology stack provides one of the most developed semantic search and analytics engines based on Elasticsearch available on the global market.


Import Assistant

The Import Assistant allows to validate and repair quality issues of any imported taxonomy in a most convenient way. PoolParty executes a series of checks when data is imported and makes sure to keep taxonomies clean and consistent. The results of all checks are exposed and coupled with semi-automatic repair mechanisms.


Terminology Importer

The Terminology Importer assists users in working with multilingual taxonomies. Term translations can be uploaded into PoolParty and are automatically matched with the original concept.


Creating taxonomies semi-automatically

PoolParty’s corpus learning module has been further improved. Subject matter experts and taxonomists now receive automatic suggestions how an existing taxonomy can be further extended. New candidate concepts and their potential relations to the already approved parts of a taxonomy are generated automatically. Taxonomists benefit from an intuitive GUI to handle a complex workflow like this.


Context-aware data modelling

PoolParty now provides options to model relations between entities dependent from their various contexts. Taxonomists exploit the skos:inScheme property to model data. The simplest usage of this new feature allows to create more sophisticated (poly-)hierarchies in a knowledge graph.


Enhanced User Management

Users are now defined as resources in PoolParty, which is an additional quality assurance mechanism. Improvements and extensions for the password management and setting options have been implemented.

Release webinars & notes

Combining Machine Learning &
Human Intelligence

In this webinar, Andreas Blumauer gave a high-level overview of the new PoolParty 5.5 functions & features. Learn how PoolParty uses machine-learning methods and get strategic insights how the semantic middleware facilitates cognitive computing strategies.

When: 31st of August 2016
Duration: 1 hour
This webinar is over, please watch the video!

PoolParty Release Webinars for Information Architects & Developers

Helmut Nagy (COO of PoolParty) shares technical background information and opens the floor for your questions.

When: 1st of September 2016
Duration: 1 hour
The webinar is over, please watch the video!