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Industry-specific solutions

PoolParty is a world-class semantic technology suite that offers sharply focused solutions to your knowledge organization and content business.

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Solutions for your digital challenge can strongly vary
depending on your industry.
Choose your business area and see how PoolParty supports you.

Consulting & IT

Know how to benefit from semantics

Construction & Engineering

Must align their IT-systems

E-Commerce & Retail

Care about targeting & personalization

Financial Services

Start designing Customer Experiences

Government Organizations

Benefit from data transparency


Can streamline resources

Media & Publishing

Need smart content engines

Pharma & Healthcare

Rely on excellent knowledge management

How you benefit from semantic solutions


Solid information architecture

Create and develop synergies between departments and business units by establishing a: controlled vocabulary, taxonomy, thesaurus, ontology or knowledge graph.


Dynamic content publishing

Use semantic technologies to make your content management workflows smarter  and more dynamic. With PoolParty you create reliable, personalized digital experiences.


No more data duplicates

By linking your data sources, any updates on metadata get synchronised simultanously across different platforms.


Automatic and consistent content classification

Provide automatic tagging functions based on controlled vocabularies to ensure stringent content classification.


Data-driven business

Discover and analyze complex relations in your data by means of customized data portals and state-of-the-art data visualization.


Avoid data migration

PoolParty is a semantic middleware that enriches and contextualizes your data with meaningful information. You align and integrate different databases by applying metadata. All legacy data remains in the original stores.

Why PoolParty


Proven innovation

Take your information architecture to the next level by using innovative and proven technologies. We have a strong track record in implementing this powerful software across multiple industries.


Growing system intelligence

PoolParty is a system which learns continuously from your information streams and documents. Applications as the content recommender become gradually more precise and reliable.



Thanks to a modular pricing model, PoolParty can be used by SMEs as well as by large enterprises.



Start increasing the value of your data by applying the W3C SKOS standard (Simple Knowledge Organization System). With PoolParty, you don`t get overwhelmed by data complexity, but incrementally build tailor-suited structures which fit your organization.


Very user-friendly

PoolParty is easy to use for developers and end-users such as information architects and content strategists.

PoolParty Product Overview

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