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Industry-specific Semantic Solutions

PoolParty is used by companies around the globe and in a wide range of industries to analyze, link, classify and understand data. With our systematic approach, we address different use cases and help our clients succeed in making the most out of their data.

Seamless connection of data and getting the highest value out of the data is what we want to achieve for our clients. For sure we need to understand your business model and your market to tackle your data challenge. We have worked with many clients around the globe and in many different industries. We have supported our clients to analyze, link, classify and understand their data. Each use case had its specifics where it was important to have a systematic approach and process which was manageable by our clients. This expertise build an all those use cases of the different industries is what we brought and still bring into PoolParty. The semantic middleware is the most efficient way for knowledge graphing especially if industry specific requirements are there. What you get is a modular system that does not limit you within a short period of time, but accompanies your data journey in your industry where you might not even know yet, what challenges you will face in the future.

Consulting and IT

Optimizing  your knowledge asset management so you can deliver customer solutions faster and more economically might be one of your challenges in your industry field.

Construction & Engineering

Your networked construction business enterprise requires sophisticated data-based decision making tools. Only then you will be able to meet your clients requests. Find out how PoolParty can support you.

E-Commerce & Retail

Thinking in  user experience optimization is what drives your business. Lots of good experiences will keep your customer but just one bad one could make your customer leave. Drive your business further with PoolParty and create great user experience. 

Banking and insurance sector

Growing digital needs of bank customers and the demands on risk management are constantly increasing in the financial sector. Link your data while staying compliant and agile!


Data-based decision making is a must in an interconnected and globalized world. NGOs, NPOs and international organisations strongly profit by enforcing data-driven cooperation within their digital ecosystem.

Government Organizations

Developing towards a service-oriented, transparent and agile organization calls for a substantial modernization of information management.

Pharma and Healthcare

Data might be valuable after years of neglect when new insights are gained in the pharma and healthcare industry. Classic search might not work to make the data findable. With a semantic layer the data can be found and turned into business high value.

Media & Publishing

Use personalized user experience built on relevant, high-quality content recommendations and retain your readers. How to do so?