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Industry-Specific Semantic Solutions

See how PoolParty’s semantic capabilities can benefit your industry.

PoolParty Semantic Suite is used by companies around the globe and in a wide range of industries to analyze, link, classify, and understand data. With our systematic approach, we address different use cases and help our clients succeed in making the most out of their data.

Consulting and IT

Business consultancy is often the starting point for knowledge and data related insights that can push an organization above the competition. PoolParty Semantic Suite will give you the framework to optimize workplace productivity and improve content quality and delivery to meet client’s needs.

Construction & Engineering

Collaborative data in PoolParty Semantic Suite enables employees to share critical information across an organization, and react to this information in real-time. Benefit from safer workplaces, quicker business decisions, and sophisticated products. 

E-Commerce & Retail

Thinking in  user experience optimization is what drives your business. Benefit from existing blueprints and best practices to deliver smarter searches, recommend products, and understand all your customers’ needs. 

Financial Services

Growing digital needs of bank customers and the demands on risk management are constantly increasing in the financial sector. Link your data while staying compliant and agile!


Data-based decision making is a must in an interconnected and globalized world. NGOs, NPOs and international organisations strongly profit by enforcing data-driven cooperation within their digital ecosystem.

Government Organizations

Developing towards a service-oriented, transparent and agile organization calls for a substantial modernization of information management. Use PoolParty to make informed decisions, deliver quality services to constituents, and ultimately improve the quality of life for all. 

Pharma and Healthcare

The healthcare industry often relies on exchanging data between hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, etc. Use PoolParty to make better use of your clinical research and standardize knowledge sharing among all key parties.

Media & Publishing

Leverage personalized user experience built on relevant, high-quality content recommendations to retain your readers. Improve analytics and translate customer needs and behaviors into services and products.