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The webinar is over. For your convenience, the session was recorded:

Original text:

Join us for the first PoolParty product webinar of 2016.
Andreas Blumauer will guide you through the feature highlights of the PoolParty releases 5.2 and 5.3.

  • Dive deeper into customized Ontology Management. With the improved Custom Schema Management, users can now reuse classes, relations, and attributes from pre-installed or from customized ontologies.
  • Experience how to extend thesauri with help from deep text analytics. Co-occurrences are calculated for candidate concepts and for thesaurus concepts. Wordform dictionaries for over 40 languages can now be integrated as optional modules.
  • SKOS-XL Management: See how you will benefit from the most user-friendly SKOS-XL Editor on the market.
  • Graph database integration: Learn more about the integrations between PoolParty and RDF stores like Virtuoso, GraphDB, Marklogic and Stardog.
  • Take a look at the PoolParty product roadmap 2016.