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Semantic Web Company Ensures that Service is King

January 21, 2019

“The customer is king” – this is not just a saying here at Semantic Web Company (SWC). We appreciate the confidence that customers bring in when they do business with us. This is why we are constantly looking for ways on how we can consistently improve the service and support processes for our valued customers. Because of this, SWC is launching a brand new, intuitive service desk for SWCs product, PoolParty Semantic Suite.

The PoolParty service desk offers a single point of contact between customers,  partners and the PoolParty support team. The purpose of the service desk is to ensure that customers and partners receive appropriate help in a timely manner. Customers will no longer need to think about how and where to submit a request, problem or a question.

In some cases, submitting a ticket is not even necessary: the service desk is connected to the PoolParty knowledge base, providing the correct answer or helping by typing the problem or request into the search form “Search for swift reply”. Our goal is to help our customers and partners as quickly and efficiently as possible – to make the most out of our products and services.

Semantic Web Company Ensures that Service is King

This is how SWC also handles internal issues like software, hardware requests or problems, getting access rights, submitting security related issues and even improvement suggestions and their great ideas. The internal service desk has a different look and offers different types of requests.

The great benefit in using the same system for customers, partners and internal requests is that we are able to connect issues together easily. This allows us to get a better overview of all issues and to ensure that problems are effectively solved. Service is king – for all of us.

PoolParty service desk


Andreas Koller

Andreas Koller

Chief Information Officer

Semantic Web Company