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Semantic Web Company Named Among Key Vendors in Forrester Report for Text Analytics Platforms

Text analytics and natural language processing are on the rise, and that’s why the Semantic Web Company (SWC) is very happy to be named in the Forrester report, “The Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Landscape, Q1 2022.”

Produced by Forrester, an industry leader in research and consultancy services, this report outlines the current market in relation to text analytics, the benefits of its capabilities, and key software vendors in the field. SWC is proud to be considered among these key vendors. The report includes SWC in the Knowledge Management functionality use case and recognizes industry focus on the retail, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare sectors.

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Report citation: The Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Landscape, Q1 2022,  Forrester
Research Inc., (Boris Evelson et al., March 11 2022)