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Introducing the new PoolParty Customer & Partner Portal

September 25, 2018

Semantic Web Company (SWC) has always been a company embracing agile methods while using collaborative tools to support its processes. This applies to

  • the software development process,
  • internal organisational processes, and to
  • all consulting activities.

With the new PoolParty Customer & Partner Portal in place we now have an improved version of a working environment, which supports the collaborative and agile way we work on projects together with our customers. It's the place where we

  • organise knowledge transfer,
  • define requirements,
  • write meeting minutes,
  • capture the project infrastructure
  • and write white papers and reports.

This tool has become increasingly important and is now a key success factor for our customer projects. In past years we received a lot of positive feedback on this way of working together. This triggered the idea to bring this effort to the next level. The wiki-like working space provided to our customers and partners received a face-lift and additional feature. The new Poolparty Customer & Partner Portal was born.

A fast growing number of active partners and all of our customer projects are supported by wiki-like digital spaces in our central communication platform.

It's not just the technologies in the Semantic Web that follow principles like agility, decentralisation, and collaboration, also the people should work that way.