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PoolParty 8.0. Is On Its Way

November 3, 2020


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With release 8.0 of the PoolParty Semantic Suite, you now have even more options to conveniently generate, edit, and use knowledge graphs in your corporate environment. While information architects and taxonomists will like the new PoolParty CardSorting for the development of a knowledge graph, data scientists and analysts will be impressed by the possibilities for data exploration with GraphViews. For all of them, the powerful and performant GraphDB by Ontotext is now the recommended storage in the PoolParty backend. Learn in detail how you can benefit from the new features in release 8.0 you can choose from.

Embedded GraphDB

GraphDB has been added as the recommended embedded store and it is shipped as an add-on module to PoolParty 8.0. GraphDB is an enterprise-level graph database with state-of-the-art performance, scalability and security. This provides greater robustness to PoolParty and allows you to work with much larger taxonomies effectively.

graph db icon

Enhanced Ontology Editing

The capabilities of PoolParty Ontology Manager have been extended. You can now edit class hierarchies, classes, relations, domain and range restrictions, and attributes, as well as data types in your custom ontologies.

Extended Data Validation

PoolParty supports knowledge graph generation by making full use of the extended PoolParty Data Validation feature. The former Import Assistant has been extended to a full-fledged Data Validator. PoolParty uses the extensive number of data validation types based on SKOS as well as the PoolParty reasoning system for imported and existing data. Indicate and repair inconsistencies on thesaurus level using the Data Validator, the former Import Assistant, which will report and move inconsistent data.

data validation icon
Graph database icon

Full GraphDB Support

Full support of GraphDB as an external store has been added to PoolParty.  Now features such as the Thesaurus ManagerGraphEditor, Corpus AnalysisGraphSearch, as well as storage of PoolParty Extractor results are supported.

oAuth support in the PoolParty API

oAuth2 has been implemented for the PoolParty Extractor and can be used for extractor API calls.


Enhanced Graph Exploration

PoolParty GraphViews is a significant enhancement to PoolParty’s knowledge graph exploration tools. Its multi-view visualisation allows users to see concepts from different views: radial view, tree view and details view. PoolParty GraphViews helps you to better understand a knowledge graph and find ways to improve and extend it. GraphViews is available for free for on-premise customers and available as an additional module for cloud customers.

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