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Our Technologies for Your Successful Digital Transformation

You know that staying successful with your business requires to complete the digital transformation. Do you wonder how to address those challenges? PoolParty semantic technologies is a simple and effective solution for you: streamline complex processes around information and knowledge management. PoolParty is well-proven and broadly used for content optimization and your data-driven business applications.

Why You Should Implement PoolParty:


Reuse existing data actively, thus save costs and create new business opportunities.


Exploit the advantage of a semantic middleware: accelerate the digital transformation of your organization and build on your existing IT-infrastructure.


PoolParty is a flexible yet stable solution for your information architecture. You start with small, but effective projects and continue to grow – together with your organization’s increasing expertise.


Provide your employees with solutions that work. That way they will achieve your company goals. Information architects love to work with PoolParty. Our software solution fits the experts’ needs.


Our semantic technology suite is a very effective solution at a very competitive price. Why? Because we build just the functionalities our customers truly need.

Your Semantic Executive Guide

Semantic technologies could be essential to your digital transformation?

You want to know more?

We guide you step-by-step through the semantic business opportunities: 

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