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Introducing Semantic AI – Ingredients for a sustainable Enterprise AI Strategy

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Six Pillars of a Successful AI Strategy

Download this free E-Book to get a comprehensive introduction to AI technologies and how to implement them. Semantic technologies are a core component of intelligent machines. Learn how to align the work of data scientists and subject matter experts to increase the business value of your data lake.

Why Semantic AI?

“The flood of data in all disciplines and domains poses a critical challenge to every organization that is attempting to derive and to demonstrate value from their massive and rich variety of data sources and digital resources. The challenge is manifest in several areas: data discovery, data access, analytic modeling, and the three R’s of knowledge discovery: representation, recall, and re-purposing. Semantic AI technologies enable smarter data analytics, empower more actionable intelligence, and equip diverse participants in the modern knowledge workplace. Semantic AI is the foundation of the right AI: Accelerated, Actionable, Adaptable, Amplified, and Augmented Intelligence.”

Kirk Borne

Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor, Booz Allen Hamilton

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