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Knowledge Models for Financial Services

Automation in the financial industry relies on rock-solid standards-based data and knowledge models, as well as a common vocabulary. The financial industry has joined forces and is heading fast towards a common knowledge graph. Take a look at available vocabularies and classification schemes by uploading it to your PoolParty test-account!


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FIBO presents knowledge about financial instruments, business entities, market data and corporate actions along with formal definitions and defined business relationships. FIBO standardizes the language of financial contracts and promotes unambiguous shared meaning among different stakeholders in the financial industry.

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Number of Classes: 418
Format: SKOS, OWL
available in no. of languages: English
License: Linked Data Pattern
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World Bank Topical Taxonomy

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This taxonomy covers the organizational structure, subject fields and activities of the World Bank. The vocabulary reflects the language used by domain experts and domain novices, Bank staff and Bank clients of the public and private sector.

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Number of Classes: 24
Number of Concepts: 3754
Format: SKOS
Available in no. of languages: 6
License: not specified
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XBRL is the international standard for digital reporting of financial, performance, risk and compliance information. XBRL provides a language in which reporting terms can be authoritatively defined. XBRL lets reporting information move between organisations rapidly, accurately and digitally. Different taxonomies will be required for different business reporting purposes.

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Number of Classes: unknown
Format: XML
Available in: Multi-lingual Support
License: freely licensed

Currencies Name Authority List

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The Currencies name authority list (NAL) is a controlled vocabulary listing currencies with their authority code and label(s) in the 24 official languages of the EU. The list is based on the ISO standard ISO 4217.

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Number of Classes: unknown
Format: RDF and XML
Available in: 24 official languages of the EU
License: Legal Notice

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More than 2.700 Vocabularies available

We are proud to partner with Bartoc – the leading global taxonomy and ontology library. Check it out for more knowledge modelling resources.

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