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Taxonomy Management & Knowledge Engineering


Building a solid knowledge graph requires expertise and experience. You can outsource the complete taxonomy development to us – or to one of our experienced partners. Taxonomies will help to transform your knowledge management and digital performance substantially.
We guarantee that if you extend your knowledge graph continuously, you will experience multiple internal and external benefits in form of improved customer experience, better internal knowledge sharing, flexible data analytic capabilities and a highly efficient content lifecycle.
Margot Mückstein

Data Scientist

What You Can Expect from Us:

  • ACCESS TO EXTENSIVE TAXONOMY LIBRARIES: we select taxonomy and ontology parts that will fit your domain – and then merge them into your custom tailored knowledge graph.
  • VERY FLEXIBLE SERVICE SOLUTIONS: you can fully outsource your taxonomy development. You just have a few specific questions how to solve a taxonomy challenge? We will coach you. If you would like to get your staff trained on certain knowledge engineering topics, we can set up goal-oriented trainings.
  • INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: our extensive partner network provides very specialized consulting services around knowledge modelling and beyond.

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