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PoolParty Integration with MarkLogic

Benefit from a world-class full semantics stack. Semantic capabilities of MarkLogic are complemented by PoolParty’s taxonomy and ontology management, corpus learning, as well as entity extraction and linking.

A Turnkey Solution for Semantics

  • MarkLogic: operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database. Documents, data, and triples work hand in hand.
  • PoolParty: semantic middleware for enrichment and linking. Precise entity extraction.
  • Your benefit: Full semantics stack. A turnkey solution for semantics.
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Benefit From Standards-based Semantics

  • Integrated taxonomy & graph management: taxonomy management for MarkLogic. User-friendliness as a key feature for semantic data management.
  • Ontology-based data access: Unified views over business objects from heterogeneous data sources.
  • Entity linking: PoolParty’s entity extractor fully integrated with MarkLogic.
  • Semantic search & analytics: benefit from graph-based search and analytics.
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The Power of MarkLogic and PoolParty Semantics!

Experience MarkLogic and PoolParty based on your use cases.  Build your first functional prototype with the Semantic Web Starter Kit.

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