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PoolParty Integration with MarkLogic

Benefit from a world-class full semantics stack. Semantic capabilities of MarkLogic are complemented by PoolParty’s taxonomy and ontology management, corpus learning, as well as entity extraction and linking.

MarkLogic PoolParty Semantic stack diagram

A Turnkey Solution for Semantics

  • MarkLogic: operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database. Documents, data, and triples work hand in hand.
  • PoolParty: semantic middleware for enrichment and linking. Precise entity extraction.
  • Your benefit: Full semantics stack. A turnkey solution for semantics.

Benefit From Standards-based Semantics

  • Integrated taxonomy & graph management: taxonomy management for MarkLogic. User-friendliness as a key feature for semantic data management.
  • Ontology-based data access: Unified views over business objects from heterogeneous data sources.
  • Entity linking: PoolParty’s entity extractor fully integrated with MarkLogic.
  • Semantic search & analytics: benefit from graph-based search and analytics.
PoolParty MarkLogic architecture image

The Power of MarkLogic and PoolParty Semantics!

Experience MarkLogic and PoolParty based on your use cases.
Build your first functional prototype with the Semantic Web Starter Kit.