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PoolParty Integration with FontoXML

Structured content meets taxonomies and controlled vocabularies.
Benefit from XML, DITA and semantic technologies as a combined PowerPack.

Structured Content Authoring

  • FontoXML: FontoXML helps subject matter experts to create structured and highly intelligent content.
  • Intuitive authoring tool: Support people with no knowledge of XML or any other technology that comes with structured authoring.
  • Increased productivity: Productivity and content quality can be increased by providing authors with user friendly tools.
  • Integrated Semantics: FontoXML and PoolParty are an integrated solution for highly consistent and granular content.
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Structured Content and Semantics

  • Semi-automatic Tagging: Make your content actionable! Embed business objects into your documents.
  • Integration of Business Vocabularies: Benefit from consistent language used throughout your repositories.
  • DITA + Taxonomies: Technical documentation of the finest quality. Link structured content to your knowledge graph.
  • Semantic Knowledge Bases: FontoXML and PoolParty are the tools to create smart knowledge bases and intelligent help desks.

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See How it Works!

Ian Piper from Tellura gives further insights into the integration of FontoXML with PoolParty. Learn how you can benefit from it!