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How Text Mining with PoolParty drives your Semantic AI 


Andreas Blumauer, CEO Semantic Web Company
Christian Blaschke, Product Owner at Semantic web Company

Enterprise data is mostly unstructured and follows a siloed logic, which leaves little opportunity for meaningful metadata to occur.  As a result, what would be an otherwise treasure trove of data, can hardly be used for automation or deeper text analytics, nor can it be networked with more highly structured data in the enterprise. On top of all these headaches, search applications in most enterprises are still far more rudimentary than what we are used to from internet search engines like Google.


Why is this and can it be done better?

The quality of automated natural language processing (NLP) and intelligent document processing (IDP) depends largely on what the underlying algorithms know about the domain in question. So machine learning based on training data that also does not contain this knowledge, is not effective. Instead, the solution is to combine machine learning with knowledge graphs.

What our brains have been doing for millennia, what Google has been pioneering since 2012, is now entering the reality of the business world: semantic AI — the combination of symbolic and statistical AI.


What is semantic AI, and what does it have to do with text mining? 

Semantic AI has always focused on being able to infer and classify the meaning of large content sets in a largely automated way. Only when a machine is able to reliably annotate and disambiguate the meaning of a text in an explainable way, can it be used for further automation, including in business-critical processes and decision making. Furthermore, this is to be based on the principles of explainable AI (XAI). 

Semantic AI can do all that: it helps complement black-box AI with explainability and takes your AI platform to the next level. Semantic AI no longer just analyzes the surface of your data, it understands the meaning behind it.


How can you use PoolParty to benefit from semantic AI?

PoolParty Semantic Suite is a software platform that can:

      • analyze, classify, annotate and cross-link your unstructured data.
      • use unstructured data in a performant, accurate, reliable, and secure way; 
      • in various multilingual environments and in almost any knowledge domain.

This 21st century key technology has been developed by semantic web pioneers over the last 15 years and is being used by major global organizations.

In this on-demand webinar, learn more about the many use cases of Semantic AI and how they can be implemented using the PoolParty Semantic Suite. 

Andreas Blumauer

Andreas Blumauer

CEO at Semantic Web Company

Andreas Blumauer is CEO and co-founder of Semantic Web Company (SWC), the provider and developer of the PoolParty Semantic Platform. With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, but operating globally, SWC has worked with over 200 commercial, government, and non-profit organizations to deliver AI and semantic search solutions, knowledge platforms, content hubs, and related data modeling and integration services. SWC was named to KMWorld’s prestigious list of “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” from 2016 to 2021 and has been named multiple times in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions and as a Sample Vendor in their Hype Cycle for Natural Language Technologies.

In his role as CEO, Andreas is responsible for both the strategic growth of the company and its organizational evolution toward a highly focused customer orientation. SWC has grown every year since its inception under his leadership, and has been able to develop a cutting-edge and unique software platform that is ISO 27001 certified, and deployed globally across a number of key industries.

A high profile partner network has been built around this platform, implementing scalable semantic AI platforms for his clients, many of whom are among the largest and most innovative companies in their industries.

Christian Blaschke

Christian Blaschke

Product Owner at Semantic Web Company

Christian Blaschke is the product owner for PoolParty at the Semantic Web Company. In this role he is responsible for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the development teams. He is leading the operational product management activities of the product management life cycle and is the main interface between the technical team that develops the product and the parties that are working with or using the product.

Christian holds a PhD in molecular biology and worked in the field of bioinformatics for more than a decade. He was active as a researcher with a recognised track record in publishing in the area of biomedical natural language processing and he coordinated the Spanish Bioinformatics Network for two years before joining the Semantic Web Company.

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