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The Semantic Content Hub

Transforming data hurdles into comprehensive knowledge discovery


Andreas Blumauer, CEO at Semantic Web Company

The Semantic Content Hub: Transforming data hurdles into comprehensive knowledge discovery

Ambiguity, language discrepancies, and lack of background information are just a few challenges that organizations face on a daily basis when trying to analyze their content and data. When an organization produces data that is hard to manage, what methodologies can be used to turn unstructured (i.e., noisy, cluttered, unclear) content into clean, fruitful knowledge?

In this on-demand webinar, CEO Andreas Blumauer will talk about the different semantic tools you can have under your belt to manage your unstructured data and reap the benefits of a comprehensive knowledge graph. Learn how intelligent content that is generated with help from semantic technologies can improve customer satisfaction, enable better business decision making, and grant extensive knowledge discovery.

Through introductory material and live demos, we will introduce you to semantic search and recommendation tools to “matchmake” internal HR profiles and connect employees together based on their skills and interests. You will become familiar with question and answering machines that can be used to generate structured search results from organic text, and how entity extraction can enable you to derive meaningful concepts from text analysis.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an experienced semantic technology expert about how you can overcome the common roadblocks found in your unstructured data.

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