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Have a Conversation with your Data using Knowledge Graphs & AI

Question-answering (QA) systems
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Dennis Diefenbachn, CEO, The QA Company

Ioanna Lytra, Data & Knowledge Engineer, Semantic Web Company

Have a Conversation with your Data using Knowledge Graphs & AI

“Alexa, how’s the weather today?” or “Hey Siri, how many grams are in a cup?” are some of the most asked questions to these well-loved virtual assistants, which can respond in “normal” dialogue despite being machines. The power of this dialogue is the fact that it’s built on advanced machine learning technologies, such as question-answering systems, to process and understand verbal questions and respond in relevant natural language.

In the business world, a solution that combines natural language processing (NLP) techniques with semantic knowledge graphs is proving to be extremely effective. The knowledge graphs, which serve as a malleable and highly intelligent representation of data, can be accessed via NLP that interprets the user’s request and converts it into a response. This technology is already widely adopted in the business environment, where the most obvious added value of a conversational AI platform is improving the customer experience.

Do you want to learn how you can build your own question-answering systems as powerful as Siri or Alexa? Join our webinar led by Data & Knowledge Engineer, Ioanna Lytra, and special guest The QA Company CEO Dennis Diefenbach, to hear how it works with PoolParty Semantic Suite and QAnswer.

In our joint venture, PoolParty has coupled its rich collection of knowledge graph tools with QAnswer’s advanced NLP technologies to provide this enterprise solution. The webinar will touch on the question-answering system’s various use cases in the business environment, such as intelligent search platforms for HR recruitment, product documentation help portals, end-user information retrieval, etc.

Along with the use cases, the highlights of this webinar include:

  • The main pitfalls of current QA systems
  • The methodology for building, deploying and using natural language interfaces

Use this webinar to see a strong partnership at work! Learn how you can improve the customer experience and lessen your internal workload with question-answering systems powered by NLP and enterprise knowledge graphs.