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Tridion Success Summit, Stockholm

Live Event | Stockholm | October 4-5, 2022

Data Day Texas 2022

Last year we formed a promising partnership with RWS to integrate PoolParty’s Semantic AI into their intelligent content management solution called Tridion. For the second time this year, we are a happy to be a guest at another installment of the Tridion Success Summit.

Taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, this autumn conference focuses on “Cognitive Technologies & Guided Experiences.” Semantic Web Company looks forward to presenting the Content Hub, and how it can be achieved with Semantic AI.

Leading this inititative is CEO Andreas Blumauer, with various talks across these two days.

  1. Cognitive Technology, is it just the next buzzword, or is there real substance to it? Learn about the latest developments about Semantic AI and Tridion, and how semantics can be used to garner intelligent content recommendations.
  2. Smart tagging with Tridion Docs Taxonomy Space – how does it work and what is it good for? See how semantic concept tagging can be used to match user intent to content in Tridion, enabling better search experiences.

Andreas will also be present at the “Talk to our Tridion Partners” event where attendees can join a plenary and interactive panel sessions about the technology. Tune in for more about the Semantic Content Hub.

Be part of it on October 4-5, 2022!

Conference registration (We hope to see you there!)

Need something in the meantime? Check out our related webinar about content hubs that’s taking place on September 26. Tune in to see CEO Andreas Blumauer and Vice President/Principal Analyst at Forrester Noel Yuhanna talk about how knowledge graphs can be used to build robust hubs. 

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