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Moving to a Data-Centric World

Building a Consumer Health Data Fabric


James Humffray, Information Manager at Health Direct Australia


Available at the PoolParty Summit recordings, 2nd day

Moving to a Data-Centric World: Building a Consumer Health Data Fabric

Since the beginning of last year we have been working towards building a data fabric – that stitches together the content, data or metadata from all our sources into an RDF data layer. From this data layer we can get a 360-degree view of all our content. Benefits include improving the search and navigation experience to discover our content. We should also be able to build and deliver new tools and applications much more quickly than before; manage security and access to content more flexibly; and ultimately to bring down the costs of managing our platform. This presentation will describe the journey to build our data fabric, using PoolParty and Ontotext GraphDB. It will discuss our motivations and drivers, the challenges we experienced, and the use cases we are implementing, to make a difference to the population of Australia.

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