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Leveraging User Intent in Content Management

for Impactful Outcomes


Arpita Maity, Product Management Data Science & Knowledge Graph, RWS

Joe Pairman, Senior Product Manager, Tridion Docs, RWS


Available in March 20222

Leveraging User Intent in Content Management for Impactful Outcomes

The way consumers search for information on Google has immensely changed their expectations across devices and tools. The focus on user intent is becoming paramount because providing the customers exactly what they desire is key to a successful business. Search engines work with that mindset, and the same is expected from business websites and applications. The customers want the correct answer quickly and accurately at each digital touchpoint. Understanding user intent is a decisive factor when it comes to designing modern content management strategies for enterprises. At RWS, we understand the importance of adding intelligence to content management technology to make lives easier for businesses. Pure machine learning isn’t enough to provide businesses with the clarity or the future-proofing they need to succeed. Combining the power of knowledge graphs, machine learning, and content management bring explainability and accuracy to businesses. This is why we are working together with PoolParty to bring operational excellence to businesses by combining our content management technology with the core services from Semantic Web company.

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