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From Document Search to Document Understanding

How to take text analytics to the next level

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs – Transforming Data into Knowledge


Helmut Nagy, COO,
Semantic Web Company

Michael Iantosca, Senior Director of Content Platforms, Avalara


April 19, 2023

Why do we DO Text Analysis?

Simply put – we do text analysis to improve enterprise search.

But what does that mean exactly? Our webinar, led by Helmut Nagy, COO at Semantic Web Company, and Michael Iantosca, Senior Director of Content Platforms at Avalara, will break it down in the following ways:

  • What is enterprise search?
  • How to extract entities from text with machine learning and/or taxonomies
  • Incorporating ontologies to enable named entity recognition
  • Concept-based tagging and how it can be paired with an enterprise knowledge graph to contextualize the content
  • Recipes towards structured content and how that can improve content delivery and grant personalized user experiences

Using Semantic Understanding in Content AND Structure

This webinar will guide viewers toward how better enterprise search can be used in real-world applications. Say you’re a contract department and you’re interested in locating paragraphs in various documents that pertain to penalties, which are spread across multiple databases and maybe even departments. A simple search is painstaking, but an enterprise search powered by semantics allows you to find specific articles down to the very sentence that mentions the penalty you’re looking for.

To achieve this, the search engine needs to semantically understand not only the content but also the structure of the document. There are standards such as DITA that focus on generic structures. Combined with knowledge graphs, this can be turned into a methodology for semantically understanding the structure of documents. This allows for more precise text analysis, as we can focus on using the right methods for the different contexts of a document. In this webinar, we will illustrate this principle with use cases, demos, and methodology.

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Helmut Nagy

Helmut Nagy

COO, Semantic Web Company

Helmut is Chief Operating Officer of the Semantic Web Company (SWC). In his role as COO and Strategic Product Manager for the PoolParty Semantic Platform, he designs and implements customer-centric processes and plans the strategic development of the PoolParty Semantic Suite together with the involved teams based on the SWC business strategy.
Michael Iantosca

Michael Iantosca

Senior Director of Content Platforms, Avalara

Michael Iantosca is the Senior Director of Content Platforms at Avalara Inc. Michael spent 38 of his 40+ years at IBM as a content professional and pioneer – leading the design and development of multiple generations of advanced content management systems and technology that began at the very dawn of the structured content revolution in the early 80s. Dual trained as a content professional and systems engineer, he led the charge building some of the earliest content platforms based on structured content. Michael was responsible for forming the team at IBM that developed DITA XML – the most successful and widely adopted open standard for developing user assistance and other structure documentation.

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