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Bringing Together Taxonomies and Terminologies


Klaus Fleischmann, CEO, Kaleidoscope

Sebastian Gabler, Chief Customer Officer, Semantic Web Company


June 21, 2023


6:00 p.m. CEST
9:00 a.m. PDT
12:00 p.m. EDT

Taxonomies vs. Terminologies

Taxonomies and terminologies can be seen as different sides of the same coin. However, the focus is quite different. Taxonomies make linguistic data available for machines and humans to distill knowledge and often to manage chaos. Terminologies harmonize language, make sure everyone uses consistent and correct words, and try to avoid chaos from the outset.

Organizations obviously require both, so it is only natural for Semantic Web Company and Kaleidoscope to integrate their two platforms and offer a combined taxonomy and terminology management solution.

This presentation and demo show you:

  • how to connect your PoolParty taxonomy to the Kalcium terminology suite
  • and add terminology benefits to your existing data:
    • human-grade, rich metadata, organizational decision workflows, and automatic guidance in word choice for authors and translators alike

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Klaus Fleischmann

Klaus Fleischmann

CEO, Kaleidoscope

Klaus Fleischmann studied translation and IT in Vienna, and holds an MA in Conference Interpreting from Monterey, California, and a MAS in Technical Communication from Krems, Austria. I

n 1996, he founded Austria-based Kaleidoscope, a company implementing content, translation, and terminology management processes for internationally active companies. Kaleidoscope develops online collaboration software for enterprise-level terminology workflow, translator query management, in-country review, etc., making the translation quality process comprehensible and strategically manageable.

In 2007, he became CEO of Austria´s leading LSP, Eurocom Translation Services. Always active in the industry, Klaus got voted into the Gala Board of Directors in 2015 and 2017.

Sebastian Gabler

Sebastian Gabler

Chief Customer Officer, Semantic Web Company

Sebastian Gabler originally trained as a Recording Producer with a diploma from the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and 5 years of music production for radio, TV, and the recording industry; he has been pursuing a career in archive and information management for over 15 years

In 2017, he joined Semantic Web Company in Vienna and was appointed Chief Customer Officer in 2020. In this position, he supports customers from all industries in developing intelligent applications with semantic AI. Sebastian has worked in various companies in the areas of technology, sales, and project management, including 11 years in the field of audiovisual archiving, and has recently completed his Master of Sciences in Library and Information Science.

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