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There is no single solution for sophisticated semantic challenges. PoolParty Semantic Suite and MarkLogic integrate together, providing a full stack semantic solution designed to play well together in order to solve today’s data challenges. Together with our partner MarkLogic, we’ve recently hosted a webinar, in which we demonstrated how semantics really works.

Watch our Tutorial Video and hear from leaders in the fields of NoSQL databases and semantics to discover …

  • how organizations build smarter applications on top of ‘Knowledge Graphs’
  • how agile this approach is to connect and integrate disparate data together
  • how documents, structured data, and taxonomies (or knowledge graphs) work together
  • which benefits organizations gain from using standards based technologies like MarkLogic and PoolParty

See the result and visit our Online Demo. Try a feature-rich semantic search and analytics application, which demonstrates potential benefits users gain from the usage of semantic knowledge graphs.

Learn more about …

  • highly user-friendly taxonomy and ontology management based on PoolParty, which is fully integrated with MarkLogic Server
  • auto-complete, semantic search, and query expansion based on MarkLogic search enhanced by taxonomies and controlled vocabularies
  • sophisticated faceted search for precise filtering of search results
  • integrating linked data sources like DBpedia or Geonames to enrich search results by additional media assets and facts
  • precise content recommendation based on similarity search and accurate metadata provided by taxonomy based annotation and document classification
  • visualization of metadata and annotations via linked open data