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Create Actionable Content

Content is a valuable resource for digital companies and expert organizations. The ultimate goal is the same for all: To create a superior customer experience. PoolParty enables content strategists to build, test and adapt multiple customer journeys pragmatically without coding skills.

How Content Strategists Work with PoolParty


Exploit the advantage of a semantic middleware: Accelerate the digital transformation of your organization building on your existing IT-infrastructure.


Actively reuse existing data, save costs and create new business opportunities.


PoolParty is a flexible and reliable solution for your information architecture. You start with small, but effective projects and continue to grow – depending on your organization’s individual capabilties.

Dive Deeper into PoolParty

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CMS Integration with PoolParty

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Automatic Concept Tagging

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Live-Demo Concept Tagging

Your Benefits

  •  PoolParty is easy to use. Subject matter experts can start after a minimum training.
  •  The conceptual work and operational outroll of a smart information architecture fit successfully together as information architects and content strategists cooperate closely within the same framework.
  •  PoolParty is an effective and complementary solution for the needs of both parties.
  • PoolParty includes powerful semantic functionalities, workflows and APIs to optimize your content lifecycle from production stage to final usage.