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PoolParty Integration with Atlassian Confluence

Consistent and automatic tagging. Semantic indexing and search.
Based on your controlled vocabularies.

PoolParty tagging image

PowerTagging for Confluence

  • Knowledge extraction: extract terms, phrases and named entities from Confluence pages with high accuracy.
  • Auto classification: streamline your workflows with PoolParty’s reliable auto classifier.
  • Consistent tagging: semi-automatic tagging based on your taxonomies provides consistent metadata.
  • Enterprise-wide tagging: benefit from linked data and connect your Confluence server to other repositories.

Semantic Search for Confluence

  • Concept based search: autocomplete from taxonomy
  • Automatic use of synonyms: get precise results
  • Configurable search refiners: faceted search based on taxonomy hierarchy
  • Include fact box for search term in search results: additional context information
Confluence semantic search image

Find out How It Works!

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