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Concept Tagging

PoolParty provides you with an excellent toolset that can be easily applied. The module Concept Tagging increases the user experience of your collaboration and knowledge hub.

If you are in the process of building a taxonomy or in case you already have developed controlled vocabularies, you can improve your enterprise information systems such as a content management system by applying semi-automated tags. By categorizing your content along a stringent logic, search functionalities become more precise and personalized content services will be meaningful.

This is how it works

  • The PoolParty Semantic Suite includes a text-mining and entity extraction module that analyzes your content repositories.
  • Term and context relevancy are matched against the underlying taxonomy.
  • The system generates tags, which the user can individually apply. It is the semi-automatic approach which provides results that really fit the subject matter.
  • Concept Tagging is a learning system. The quantity of analyzed content impacts the quality of your automatically generated metadata.

Your benefits

  • Concept Tagging streamlines your internal content workflow. Also multiple content producers can ensure consistent content classification as they are guided along a common knowledge model. End-users label their web-based work with automatically generated tags, which they can manually adapt if necessary.
  • When your content is enriched with metadata, you have a perfect foundation to improve your search functionalities.
  • Concept Tagging is your highly efficient tool for establishing a powerful content recommendation engine.

We provide out-of-the box Concept Tagging solutions for








Thanks to PoolParty API,  we/you can customize Concept Tagging for every available CMS and collaboration platform with low effort.

Experience the power of Concept Tagging

Concept Tagging for Drupal

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Concept Tagging for Confluence

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Concept Tagging for Sharepoint

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