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Stop Playing ‘Where’s Waldo’: Semantic Matchmaking in Enterprise Environments

August 30, 2019

What is a Typical Use Case for Semantic Matchmaking in Enterprise Environments?

Meet Peter, a new employee at Acme Corporation. Peter has over ten years of experience as an engineer from his previous jobs. Peter's first assignment at Acme Corporation is to create a new instant tunnel, as the existing models are now obsolete and Coyote, a premium client, has reported many problems with them.

Acme is a large company with thousands of employees and offices all around the world. Peter knows that there must be corporate knowledge of instant tunnel engineering across the organization. However, data is siloed, has poor metadata and there is no centralized access point.

Finding people with expertise, engineering guidelines or postmortem reports is like trying to find pieces of the proverbial needle in several different haystacks. Peter would love to have a single access point that enables him to query the corporate knowledge, avoiding that past mistakes will be repeated and to support reuse.

How Can Peter Access the Corporate Knowledge in One Single Access Point?

We can help Peter by simply using semantic matchmaking and semantic search.

At Semantic Web Company, we help many clients in such use cases. PoolParty Semantic Suite, the most complete semantic middleware on the global market, has been developed for precisely such challenges. It allows doing semantic matchmaking and semantic search over multiple different data sources, using a single search point.

To illustrate the potential of the semantic approach, we have developed the PoolParty EventAdvisor. The Event Advisor is a semantic matchmaking tool that harnesses the capabilities of PoolParty to help attendees of the SEMANTiCS 2019 conference to find the talks, networking opportunities and job offers that best suit their profile and interests.

The matchmaking processes of the EventAdvisor are underpinned by an advanced knowledge graph. This knowledge graph is built based on the European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) classification, a European initiative that defines a set of standard terms for education and training in order to support interoperability.

How Does the Event Advisor Work?

The profiles of attendees are tagged by PoolParty against the EventAdvisor knowledge graph. Attendees are also offered to add other interests as new tags to their profile. These tags form the attendee footprint.

The matching algorithm explores the knowledge graph to link attendees with other people and opportunities, taking into account the semantic relations defined by our experts. One of the semantic relations used is the connection between skills and job positions.

When looking at the matchmaking results, attendees can adjust the importance of the individual aspects of their profiles to represent their profile better and influence the results of the matchmaking process.


Benefiting from the Power of Semantics

The use case illustrated by PoolParty EventAdvisor is typical for many of our clients and highlights the power of semantics. It matches people's profiles with talks and job opportunities.

However, the process can be generalized to match any type of text, for instance, complex documents, employee profiles and project portfolios.

PoolParty can work with documents in many different formats, both structured and unstructured, coming from a variety of different platforms.

Using PoolParty's semantic approach, Peter will be able to create the perfect instant tunnel that will allow Coyote to finally catch that cheeky Road Runner.

Juliane Piñeiro-Winkler

Juliane Piñeiro-Winkler

Data Engineer

Alexi Lopez-Lorca

Alexi Lopez-Lorca

Knowledge Engineer