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How to Kick-start Your Knowledge Graph Using a Table or a Spreadsheet

June 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered how you could easily transfer your taxonomy from a table or a spreadsheet to PoolParty? In the PoolParty Semantic Suite you can easily do just that.

Structure Your Existing Table

You need to consider a couple of things before you start to upload your spreadsheet. First, you need to know about the structure of a PoolParty Project and then you need to restructure your spreadsheet according to the PoolParty Excel Format. 

A PoolParty Project is organised in a tree-like structure which we call the PoolParty's Hierarchy Tree. You can see in the image called "PoolParty Project" below that the top-most category is called a concept scheme. And the category under it is the top concept that is followed by the conceptsIn our example, the “All About Cocktails” PoolParty project has the top concepts that are called “Beverages” and “Cocktails”. This is followed by the “Sour Cocktails”, the "Gin Fizz", and the "Margarita" concepts. 

Once your data is in a tree-like structure, you need convert it to the PoolParty Excel Format by doing the following steps:

  1. Define your taxonomy tree structure in the header row of  the table or spreadsheet. The text is case sensitive and their order depends on the area you enter them. 
  2. Write the headers for the Fixed Area. The columns are: uri/notation/<custom attribute> (optional), scheme (mandatory), concept (mandatory). 
  3. Choose the columns for the Optional area which can be SKOS attributes and relations and custom attributes. Enter the concepts in the taxonomy tree.  

Here is a example of an actual “All About Cocktails” spreadsheet. You can see that we left certain cells blank. The reason is to get the right structure in PoolParty from the start. 

Kick-start Your Knowledge Graph

After you converted your data and it is in the PoolParty Excel Format, you can start a new knowledge graph based on your taxonomy, by doing the following:


1. In the PROJECT menu, select Create Project.
2. Select the option Create New Project Based on Tabular Import in the Create Project dialogue.
3. Define the information and functions for your new project in the New Project dialogue, Metadata tab. The Title field is mandatory.  Click Create Project to generate your new project. The project opens in the background. In the foreground, the Tabular Import dialogue is displayed.
4. Click Choose File to select a spreadsheet.
Here are two options. You can select: Enable Updates and Import Assistant which is selected by default. The Import Assistant option allows you to to check and repair issues. The Enable Updates option allows updates and it makes sure that there are no duplicates of the same concept.
5. Click Import
6.Press Store Repair Data if you selected the Import Assistant option.

The new, imported project opens in the Thesaurus Management and you can start working on it straight away.

As a next step you could turn your PoolParty Project into a knowledge graph by
creating a custom ontology and custom scheme.


When importing a table or a spreadsheet (video) first, you need to model your existing taxonomy in a tree-like hierarchy and then structure it according to the PoolParty Excel Format. After this step you can kick-start your knowledge graph based on a tabular import.

To learn more about knowledge graphs, go and check The Knowledge Graph Cookbook.

Monika Balogh

Monika Balogh

Technical Writer