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Celebrating the PoolParty Summit 2021 From the Morning After

November 5, 2021
Semantics Amsterdam 2021

Yesterday marked the final day of the PoolParty Summit 2021. A first in our company’s history, this 2 day virtual conference accumulated more than 25 presentations, discussions, and input sessions led by partners, customers, and experts in the field.

Angela DaSilva

Angela DaSilva

Content Writer

For the PoolParty Team, the Summit surpassed our expectations and turned out even more successful than we anticipated. Today, on the morning after in Vienna, we feel a sense of relief akin to skipping through the Austrian hills like a certain someone from a certain film (that the Austrian locals probably tire from hearing about).

Though there is no beer in hand so early in the morning, we are there in spirit – with total contentment and celebration towards the fact that the last half year of preparation and hard work culminated in a happy 2 days of our participant’s satisfaction.

While there is a lot to celebrate on our side, we thank our participants and speakers especially.

Throughout the virtual conference, our chat stayed very engaged with public messages, and many direct messages to our staff. A BIG THANK YOU to our attendees for remaining so positive and keeping the PoolParty Summit 2021 alive while our incredible speakers gave their talks. We could not be happier with our audience, and we thank them tremendously for their valuable feedback.

Our speakers also deserve many rounds of applause for their excellent presentations. The content was loved by our audience and team members alike. We greatly thank our speakers for making our first ever PoolParty Summit so succcessful. For a better idea of the talks that were prepared, check out the speaker abstracts >



Check back in soon for more content about the PoolParty Summit 2021!

Since the PoolParty Summit 2021 is still very fresh and our team has much to digest, we can’t offer a full coverage of the event just yet. In the meantime, please enjoy some stats from the morning after, and check back next week for full coverage and updates.


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Happy watching! And a big thank you again for a great event!



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