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360° Customer View Is Finally Real


Customers excuse a mistake once. So your service department will make the difference.

Where does service responsibility start – and where does it end?

Let customer-related departments such as sales, marketing and service intensify their communication and collaboration.

Use PoolParty to enrich your content
with metadata and link your knowledge objects.
Whatever IT system your in-house or field service agents use,
context-relevant data is available in real-time where it is needed.
You don’t replace systems. PoolParty lets you connect to your helpdesk, CRM and ERP software very precisely and flexibly.

How to Serve the Connected Customer Successfully:


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Taxonomy-driven UX

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Data-driven Business Culture

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Personalized User Experience

Your Benefits

  •  Data silos across the service organisation are better connected. First-level support can respond faster to customer inquiries due to smart search functions and helpful content recommendation.
  •  Field service succeeds in exceptional and challenging assignments, due to collaborative and semantically enriched knowledge bases.
  • Data networks established through linked metadata can be extended to the sales and marketing departments.
  • PoolParty as a middleware saves you the trouble of data migration projects.

How You Can Deliver Service Excellence?

Break down data silos with semantic solutions.

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