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PoolParty 4 is a major release of the PoolParty product family. With this version, a lot of features have been introduced that will reduce cost and effort involved in managing semantic systems like taxonomies,thesauri and ontologies.

PoolParty 4 Screenshot

PoolParty Semantic Platform ( has been launched in 2009 by Vienna-based Semantic Web Company ( Since then, constant growth of the customer base, the partner network and, of course, of PoolParty’s technological capabilities have been achieved. One prominent characteristic of PoolParty is the consistent use of semantic web standards with its concept-based approach in contrast to ‘simple terms’ (‘things, not strings’). With PoolParty 4, another important milestone has been reached in advancing this enterprise-ready semantic technology platform.

PoolParty 4 can reduce cost and effort involved in managing and deploying knowledge graphs significantly. The following functionalities are now fully integrated in PoolParty Thesaurus Server:

  • Text corpus analysis to extract candidate terms for further extensions of enterprise knowledge graphs: Tens of thousands of documents are analyzed to detect gaps between existing taxonomies or thesauri and the actual content basis. This further refines automatic tagging, semantic indexing and search. (Watch video)
  • Extensive quality checks: Various automatic quality checks are made either in the background or as a batch job. Thesauri created with PoolParty offer an outstanding quality following W3C’s SKOS standard. This increases the value of controlled vocabularies. With PoolParty, knowledge graphs get ready to be linked. (Watch video)
  • Deep integration with Linked Data sources like DBpedia or Geonames: Thesauri can be created and extended with some mouse-clicks by harvesting linked data. (Watch video)
  • Import of Excel based taxonomies or lists: Simple import with some mouse-clicks of existing lists, spreadsheets or taxonomies of all kinds of entities or business objects. Leverage the value of existing taxonomies, make knowledge organization systems accessible. (Watch video)
  • Deep integration with Virtuoso: Virtuoso’s outstanding capabilities to store and make RDF graphs retrievable facilitate integrated views over heterogeneous data sources. PoolParty Semantic Integrator is able to integrate data from various content management systems and semi-structured data sources. (Watch video)
  • PoolParty’s extended PowerTagging: PoolParty 4 can now be used together with SharePoint 2013, Confluence, WordPress or Drupal. Integration in other CMS is easier than ever before. (Watch video)

PoolParty 4 is shipped with high-class text mining and entity extraction technology. Its modular pipeline supports several application scenarios and languages. Based on taxonomies and thesauri, PoolParty’s capabilities to extract named entities with high precision are well developed. PoolParty’s entity extractor transforms unstructured information into knowledge graphs based on W3C’s RDF and Linked Data standards. With PoolParty, all kind of documents (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) get ready to be linked.

PoolParty is now shipped in various configuration levels. All PoolParty services can be either licensed and deployed on-premises or can be consumed in the cloud on an annual subscription basis. PoolParty’s entry-level package (‘Basic Server’) is a full-blown SKOS thesaurus server. PoolParty ‘Advanced Server’ and ‘Enterprise Server’ offer additional features especially for larger enterprises and multiple taxonomy projects. The high-end version of PoolParty (‘Semantic Integrator’) is used for the integration of data and content from various CMS and other ERP-systems. Furthermore, with ‘PoolParty PowerTagging’ a standard technology for integrating semantic layers into CMS is offered. PowerTagging is already available for the following platforms: SharePoint 2013, Atlassian Confluence, Drupal, WordPress, FirstSpirit.

PoolParty Product Matrix gives a complete overview over all options: