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Recorded Webinar

PoolParty Product Updates: Introducing PoolParty CardSorting

Dr. Alexi Lopez-Lorca, Semantic Web Company
Dr. Ian Piper, Tellura Information Services Ltd

Learn How PoolParty CardSorting Simplifies the Process of Building a Taxonomy

Designing an enterprise knowledge graph is not an easy task. While you are a qualified knowledge engineer or taxonomist, you still depend on the knowledge of various experts within your organization to successfully cover all the facets of the knowledge domain.

Bringing together subject matter experts is expensive, and if your company is new to knowledge graph technologies, they may not want to invest in a costly and time-consuming process.

That is why we have developed PoolParty CardSorting, a collaboration tool designed to kickstart the conversation among subject-matter experts, knowledge engineers, and information architects inspired by real customer cases.

This new feature in the PoolParty Semantic Suite—the most complete and advanced semantic middleware platform on the global market—will help you bridge the gap between different users when creating enterprise taxonomies.

PoolParty CardSorting simplifies the process and allows users to work on a taxonomy without being a taxonomist, collaborate remotely, and save a lot of time thanks to the seamless integration into the PoolParty Thesaurus Server.

In this webinar, you will learn:


  • What card sorting is and when it could make sense to use it to build a taxonomy
  • A quick introduction to analog card sorting techniques and their shortcomings
  • A look at some features of PoolParty CardSorting
  • A deep dive look at a session in PoolParty CardSorting – including a live demo!
  • Tips for using PoolParty Thesaurus to grow the taxonomy that was produced by PoolParty CardSorting
  • To wrap up, examples of semantic applications that lean on your great new taxonomy