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PoolParty CardSorting

PoolParty CardSorting is a collaborative tool and the first step in designing your enterprise knowledge graph. It enables you to involve even subject-matter experts who usually have little knowledge of knowledge engineering.
As an add-on to the PoolParty Semantic Suite, the result of the Card Sorting session is seamlessly integrated into the PoolParty Thesaurus Server.

As an icebreaker, PoolParty CardSorting is used to warm up the conversation among subject-matter experts, knowledge engineers and information architects. Card sorting creates an overall structure for your information architecture and is the basis for taxonomies.

Card sorting is a method of identifying topics, naming them and putting them into categories that make sense for a group of people. It is a commonly used method to first create a business glossary which is later extended to taxonomies and ontologies and ultimately to an enterprise knowledge graph. Card sorting can be performed by any subject-matter expert who has some knowledge of a particular domain of knowledge. There is no need to have a background in knowledge modelling, ontology engineering, or any related discipline. 

“Bridge the gap between subject matter experts, knowledge engineers and information architects when creating enterprise taxonomies”.

Dr. Ian Piper
Tellura Semantics

It should also be stressed that the PoolParty Card Sort Tool means that you don’t need to be a taxonomist to build a taxonomy.

Read the full interview with Dr. Ian Piper, the creative initiator of PoolParty Card Sorting.

How does PoolParty CardSorting work?

Users create cards which represent a thing (or topic of interest) and add descriptions on the cards. Colors indicate who the author was. Cards can be sorted, discussed and via filter separated for each user. The tool allows collaborators in real-time to suggest, confirm or reject new topics. 


All accepted cards can be inserted via drag & drop into an already existing or newly created taxonomy, directly into PoolParty. In this way, both activities, card sorting and taxonomy management, are seamlessly integrated. PoolParty CardSorting is available as a cloud service and can be used for both, remote and on-site sorting sessions.

 How to get started?

To use PoolParty CardSorting, you need to have a PoolParty account or you are registered for the Semantic Web Starter Kit.

Get in touch with us and we will support you to use PoolParty CardSorting within your Knowledge Graph Life Cycle process.

The Semantic Web Company—vendor of PoolParty—has been named a Visionary in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions.

Do you want more?

Register for our webinar where Dr. Alexi Lopez-Lorca from Semantic Web Company and Dr. Ian Piper from Tellura Information Services Ltd will introduce you to PoolParty CardSorting, including a live demo!