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We are proud to announce the PoolParty release 5.2. Here are some highlights:

  • PoolParty’s Custom Scheme management capabilities have been extended, providing now a clear distinction between ontologies and custom schemes. Ontologies can still be added from a list of predefined ontologies. In addition, custom schemes allow to create ‘subsets’ or ‘views’ on the available ontologies by mashing and reusing classes, relations, and attributes from available ontologies.
  • The Corpus Management workflow has been redesigned to make integration of new terms based on corpus analysis as easy as possible. The tree view in Corpus Management now also provides a view on the thesaurus. No switching between the two views is necessary anymore. Co-occurrences are calculated for candidate concepts and for thesaurus concepts. This feature helps to extend thesauri with help from Deep Text Analytics.


  • The PoolParty’s Entity Extractor has been further improved. The configuration of stop word lists and lemmatisation files has become more convenient, PoolParty extractor ships with defaults for all major European languages. Lemmatisation of extracted terms and an automatic synchronization of all generated word forms with a reference corpus has been added. Wordform dictionaries for over 40 languages can now be integrated as optional modules.

Watch the video Release Notes