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Please make also sure to take a look at the latest version of PoolParty Version 4.2

PoolParty Thesaurus Manager 3.0 is available now! As described in a recently published blog post, PoolParty has added a lot of new features to serve as a Linked Data Framework. This means:

  • flexible ways to publish linked data
  • comfortable ways to add new linked data sources to be linked
  • alignment services to link thesauri with data from the LOD cloud
  • usage of VoID to add metadata to published datasets

In addition to these features a faster and more precise text extractor based on PPX was added to PoolParty thesaurus manager and some other features which help to ease your daily life as thesaurus manager.

A full coverage of all improvements of version 3.0 can be found in our official release notes for version 3.0.