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PoolParty WordPress plugin has been updated recently!

PoolParty Team has released a Worpress plugin which imports SKOS thesauri and automatically generates a glossary for any given blog. This works as follows:

  1. the blog admin has to install the “PoolParty WordPress glossary plugin”
  2. the blog author has to generate a thesaurus which describes, and structures the blog content
  3. the thesaurus has to be exported in SKOS format
  4. the file has to be imported into the blog
  5. a glossary will be generated automatically
  6. all blog posts and pages which contain thesaurus concepts will be linked automatically to the glossary

Please, take a look to the glossary of this blog as an example for this software.

Download WordPress-Plugin: PoolParty Thesaurus for WordPress 1.0 (or go to WordPress plugin dircetory)

Thanks to Benjamin Nowack: The thesaurus is imported and into the system and is queried via ARC2.
Thanks to rduffy. His ‘Glossary’ Plugin inpired us, and we were able to develop this plugin on top of his ideas.

Works with PHP 5, MySQL 5 und ARC2


  1. Download the plugin zip file
  2. Upload the plugin contents into your WordPress installation’s plugin directory.
  3. The plugin’s .php files, readme.txt and folders should be installed in the ‘wp-content/plugins/pp-thesaurus/’ directory.
  4. Move the ‘pp-thesaurus-template.php’ file into your active theme direcory
  5. Download ARC2.
  6. Upload the ARC files and folders into ‘/wp-content/plugins/pp-thesaurus/arc/’ directory.
  7. From the Plugin Management page in WordPress, activate the ‘PoolParty Thesaurus’ plugin.
  8. Create a main PoolParty Thesaurus page (example “Thesaurus”) with or without body content.
  9. Create a child page (example “Item”) of the main PoolParty Thesaurus page with or without body content and take the ‘PoolParty Thesaurus’ template.
  10. Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘PoolParty Thesaurus’ in WordPress, enter the main Thesaurus page’s id# and import a SKOS/RDF file

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my main PoolParty Thesaurus page need to be titled “Thesaurus”?
No. It can be called however you like. Just make sure to enter the page’s id into the plugin’s settings dashboard.

Does my child page need to be titled “Item”?
No. It can be called however you like.

How do I add a thesaurus item?
Therefore you need a SKOS thesaurus management tool like PoolParty. The glossary is generated automatically from the imported thesaurus.

How can I update the glossary?
Simply load the updated thesaurus again (admin area – settings -> PoolParty Thesaurus). The old thesaurus will be overwritten. New or updated concepts will be recognized immediately by the link generator.